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a year ago

Essential Apple Podcast 56: Wire Chaos & Apple Event Reactions

Despite Wire giving us grief we soldiered... for you!

Recorded 17th September 2017

This week Cassini made its final manoeuvre and crashed into Saturn ending its 13 year scientific mission, some muppets set off a bomb in the Parson’s Green Tube Station injuring 29 people (some of them children) but thankfully there were no fatalities and Apple held a small gathering at their new Steve Jobs Theatre to announce some new shiny toys.

Mark is off in Budapest enjoying a relaxing break from it all. So in his absence I am joined by Sherman Gossett (Commander Shroom) from Utah, Ruth (@CutieMelon321) and, at incredibly short notice, Guy Searle (@MacParrot) from the My Mac Show. We, of course, give our reactions to the Apple Event, and some other stuff – because, well, what else would we be doing on a podcast?

I am especially pleased to welcome Sherman to this episode because he is most definitely NOT an Apple fanboy – but he has a wealth of experience in the world of IT and we look forward to getting an “outsider's” view on the Apple announcements.

And I am really sorry that in all the confusion, with Wire dropping people out all over the place, that I forgot to thank our Patreon subscribers... so “THANK YOU Patreon people, you really are lovely people!”

On this week’s show:


  • Apple TV 4K
  • Apple Watch – to LTE or not?
  • The iPhones 8 and X
  • Face ID and that “fail”, Hairforce One himself talks about it to John Gruber – The Talk Show
  • Qi charging and Apple adopting an existing standard
  • 7 iOS settings to change right away – CNET


  • Bluetooth problem could let hackers take control of Apple, Samsung and Google devices – The Telegraph


  • BlueBorne Highlights the Risk of Airborne Security Attacks – DZone Security

This explains some more about BlueBorne - and I now realise there is more to it than just the obvious Andriod/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux angle...

Although Google didn't launch it's actual website/search engine until September 27, 1998

Nemo’s Hardware Store (47:17)

I could only find the 6/6S version on ( for £29.99 GBP

Doesn't seem to be available in the UK Amazon store.

Worth a Chirp

  • Grumpy Old Geeks – a look at “what went wrong on the internet this week and who is to blame” (and a lot more stuff too)

  • The Cyberwire – a daily podcast on the threats out there in cyberspace – interesting if a little scary sometimes.

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