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7 months ago

Essential Apple Podcast 78: Chicken Casserole & Social Media with GazMaz

Let the madness begin

Recorded 4th March 2018

This week the tech news has mostly been all about the Mobile World Congress, and it wasn't very exciting to be fair – mostly seemed like a lot of people copying the “notch” they all made so much fun of...

So for a bit of a different feel this week we are joined by the irrepressible and effervescent GazMaz from the MyMac show to take a look at the apparent “disturbance in the force” caused by the “sudden” arrival of Vero, the appearance of, and a couple of other upstarts wanting to take on the might of Twitter, Instagram, Snap and Facebook.

Sorry some of the sound isn't as good as usual - we had some technical difficulties and went to Discord - but I don't think all our settings were as good as they could have been.

On this week's show:



  • Horace Dediu estimates 2/3rds of all Apple devices are still in use – Business Insider UK
  • Apple, Tesla to Lead ‘Edge’ Computing, Says Guggenheim – Barron's
    • Yes I know, it wss Larry Ellison, not Page...

Nemo's Hardware Store (45:41)

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