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10 months ago

Essential Apple Podcast 69: Christmas Eve Party Podcast


Recorded 24th Decembe*r 2017*

This week we are in a party mood and we get some guests in to talk about the year in Apple and Tech! Merry Christmas (or other seasonal festivity of your choice) everybody!

On this week's show:

  • Tech Gift / Gadget you’d like to receive (fantasy/idealistic and realistic)
  • Tech gift/gadgets you’ve gifted this year (not only for Christmas)
  • Best App of the year for you personally (work and/or personal)
  • Other good app releases this year?
  • Best tech hardware of the year for you (work and/or personal that you actually have)
  • Best Apple/Tech story of the year
  • And the worst...
  • Any other memories of 2017 good and bad (trying to avoid politics) other than tech
  • What are you looking forward to/hoping for in 2017 from the tech world?

Nemo's Hardware Store (1:20:50)

These are Nemo's personal favourite items reviewed and used by him during 2017 with his personal recommendations for gifts for yourself and others, all under $50!!!

  • Renogy E.Lumen Multi-Functional Solar Power & USB Rechargeable Flashlight - – $25 US / £20 UK Amazon
  • Catalyst impact protection case for iPhone X – $40 US / £40 UK Amazon
  • Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $32 US Amazon
  • Tablet Stand - Anypro 360° Rotating Adjustable Tablet Stand $26 US Amazon
  • Tofu Multi Usb Charger $25 amazon $26
  • RadTech Audio Gear Extender $8 US Direct - $14 US Amazon
  • [Smartomi Optimus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker](} – $46 US Not on Amazon
  • Deezer

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