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a year ago

44: Not a lot of Pre WWDC Honest

We're staying away from all that WWDC Stuff.

  • Since we last did a podcast there have been two atrocious terrorist attacks in Britain, and several others around the World… our thoughts are with you.
  • More on dropping Googlemail and some of the tribulations that gave Simon
  • WWDC is nearly here... so we are just waiting to see what happens (we don't do rumours)
  • This sounds positively ghastly:- Skype to get a “revamp” to compete with Snapchat and iMessage Cult of Mac
  • Your next heat source could come from a server, if Nerdalize has its way - Digital Trends
  • Poll: Would trackpad & mouse support be a good halfway house on an iPad? | 9to5Mac
  • MacJim from our slack room makes an appearance.

Nemo’s Hardware Store (37:15)

  • ProCable Shortz* *3.5mm 4-Conductor Male to Female Extender Radtech - Amazon

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