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a year ago

45: A Right Cornucopia

Essential Apple 45: A Right Cornucopia

So it is the week after that big Apple thing known as the WWDC. All the cool kids have given their opinions, so now we join in on the game. Loads to cover and the show runs long, but I think it was worth it.

On this week's Show:

  • The biggest shock in tech news this week. T-Swift allows her music on Spotify's free trial. 9to5Mac
  • Apple makes major podcast updates : sixcolors
  • iOS 11’s new HEIF/HEVC camera formats will save you 50% on storage 9to5mac
  • Apps Can No Longer Use Custom Review Prompts; Apple Mandates Standardized Method – Macstories
  • And of course all our highs and lows from Apple's cornucopia of announcements

Nemo’s Hardware Store (41:00)

Worth A Chirp

  • Framed for iOS and Apple TV It was the free app of the week - unfortunately by the time you get to hear this it'll probably be over... Framed 2 is however in the works

From MacJim

  • Halide - turns your iOS camera into something more akin to a “proper camera” by giving you manual control
  • Affinity Photo for iOS. The first fully professional photo editor for iPad – PetaPixel - Only supports iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad (early 2017)


★★★★★ in iTunes by Mrdavidwalker from UK on May 29, 2017

So pleased i found this podcast, not many Apple podcasts with a British viewpoint, always interesting and all the latest news every week. Mark does a great job and now one of my favourite listens. Well done Mark keep it up and thank you.

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